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Seed West has been harvesting local ‘endemic’ native seed since 1992. We harvest seed under license , according to strict environmental guidelines. By following this procedure we best protect our fragile bushland, and ensure sustainability of this valuable resourse.
Our knowledge of local flora, and seed sources is highly respected within the industry. As such we can ensure correct identification and provenance details.
Provenance is important to consider when ordering seed. It is often the case that a particular species has various forms depending on the soil type and habitat of its location.
For instance Acacia lasiocarpa from the coastal dunes , is completely different from the form that grows in the heavier soils of the Jarrah forest, and again completely different from the form that grows in the Wheatbelt. This anomaly applies to many species of common endemic plants .
The wrong form, if supplied incorrectly, will not perform well out of its preferred habitat.
Our seed is sourced from the most vibrant and pristine populations where possible –particularly after burns and from healthy stands. Seeds from these sources are usually superior in vialibility and tend to perform better than seed from senescent ( old unburnt ) stands of bush and forest.
Seed is harvested from various habitats in the South West , centered on Perth , and includes - Coastal dunes - Coastal limestone -Banksia woodland -Perth Scarp -Jarrah forrest -Western wheatbelt --Northern sandplains –Wetlands –Creeklines and Granite Outcrops. .

Once harvested seed is dried in our hot-houses, then cleaned by machine or hand , inspected and treated if necessary . Finally seed is packed and sealed, labelled and stored ready for distribution. Contact us for a detailed species /pricelist.

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