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Prices and Advise

Our latest Seed list and Prices Catologue is available by post or email. Phone or email if you would like a copy to be sent to you. Seed is available to commercial or domestic end users. Retail and Wholesale catalogues available. We can price competitively for commercial bulk orders for direct seeding.
Phone for advise or help, as we can suggest what seed species may be most suitable for your project and for your personal desired outcome.
We have extensive knowledge on species distribution and habitat, on form and growth characteristics, and on species performance in Direct- seeding projects and in Horticulture.
We have much experience, having worked with endemic plants for over 30 years , and we have gained valuable feedback within the industry , on species reliability in Horticulture and in commercial Direct-Seeding projects.
Seed is often expensive . Don’t waste money by using seed that is not endemically correct for your project , or by using seed that is difficult to germinate.
Good advise will save you money and ensure the best results possible.
Some species will not perform well in certain habitats and in unfamiliar soil types.
Many identical species differ in form and growth characteristics, depending on their natural provenance. For instance Bossiaea eriocarpa (brown pea) is completely different in coastal, Banksia woodland to the form which grows in the heavier soils of the Jarrah forest.
The coastal form will not perform well in heavy soils.
This anomaly applies to many species of endemic plants. Correct provenance is essential for your soil type. Ask us for advise before ordering to ensure you have the correct geno-type. .


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